Empowering Future Leaders in Grain Management

Empowering Future Leaders in Grain Management

Agbiz Grain, together with Senwes and Peritum Agri, celebrated the launch of the Grain Depot Manager Programme on Friday, 8 March. This collaborative effort, developed over four years, is a testament to their commitment to fostering skills and expertise in the agricultural sector.

The event featured speakers Emmie Pietersen, Director of Peritum Agri Institute; Heinrich Henning, Operations Manager at Senwes; and Wessel Lemmer, General Manager of Agbiz Grain, who shared their insights and excitement about this innovative programme.

What's the programme about?

The Grain Depot Manager Programme caters to the needs of enterprises handling grains and oilseeds, especially those serving farmers. It aims to equip learners with the skills to operate effectively as Grain Depot Managers.

The programme emphasises achieving operational efficiencies, responsible resource utilisation, and maintaining the mechanical integrity of bulk grain handling and storage units.


What Learners Can Expect

Upon completion, learners will be equipped to:

- Manage and achieve operational targets effectively.

- Lead and manage staff for smooth business operations.

- Utilize operational resources responsibly.

- Ensure grain handling and storage efficiency while meeting quality standards.

- Conduct precise grain and oil seed grading processes.

Known officially as the Occupational Certificate: Grain Depot Manager, this qualification signifies a significant step towards enhancing skills in the grain and oilseed sector. Agbiz Grain is excited about the positive impact it will have on advancing professional capabilities in the industry. This programme not only shapes future leaders but also strengthens the foundation of our agricultural community.